Contracted Research

Contracted research

COPAC is an experienced partner for customized contract research and development of industrial solutions. COPAC has since its foundation been significantly involved with contract research related to smart materials and instrumentation.


Types of contract research

  • Feasibility studies, determination of technical and commercial feasibility of customers ideas and applications involving sensor-actuator or spectroscopy.
  • Prototype projects, design, development and manufacture of components and systems meeting specific customer requirements.
  • Larger long term R&D contracts with comprehensive and thorough survey, design development, prototype manufacturing, testing/analysing and reporting.
  • Public/private funded projects both in Denmark and internationally, such as European Framework projects.


  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy applications
  • Ultrasonic and vibration
  • Transducer and actuator engineering
  • FEM modeling based on various tools
  • Electronic and embedded system
  • EMC and RF test and certification
  • Mass production of mechatronic product