High voltage piezo power driver for marine acoustic research

Multi-channel high voltage amplifier for acoustic communications research. Hydrophones, pre-ampilfiers, power amplifier and FPGA-driven DAQ solution integrated in one compact chassis.


Multi-channel DAQ for oil/gas drilling experiment

24 channels 4-20mA DAQ for an oil and gas research institute. A key research instrument has been successfully operated for two years and travelled more than 10000 km around different oil fields. Special features include 200 meter remote control, Matlab compatible data sockets and sychronized sampling channels.


Prototype to ultrasonic flow meter

The project was delivered within three months for a DTU (Technical University of Denmark) research team.  Includes transducers, signal pre-amplifier and signal acquisition solution with python-based automatic control.  The setup demonstrated the flow mechanical physics and ultrasonic measurement in different configurations.


FEM/CFD Simulation for cone flow meter, oil/gas customer

CFD/FEM simulation of Cone flow meter. Cone flow meter is a popular device for offshore platforms and LNG termianls. Our technology service verified the engineering design and bring new ideas to the end customers. Customer was impressed by the speed and quality of final results delivery.


FEA of shape memory polymer material

Shape memory material has been applied to key devices in oil/gas tools. Our simulation/modeling services bring a virtual toolset for the end customer to test their design of tools in an effective way. It is an art of coupled physics.