Trusted design partner for sensors and actuators

Piezo, Magnetic, Acoustic and Laser optic--Multiphysics project partner

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What we do

COPAC supplies customized photonic-acoustic systems and innovative photoacoustic spectroscopy instruments. We use our core competency to deliver coupled physics solutions for your applications.

Smart materials for your sensors and actuators

In collaboration with world leading manufacturers and research institutes, we offer smart materials for various sensing and actuation applications, accompanied by our own in-house design and customization services. Our materials excel in tough environments such as high/low temperatures, and difficult operating conditions where there is weak signal availability or even in situations that require ultra precision.

Photoacoustic sensing

We cooperate and collaborate with experts, businesses and research institutions that work with a variety of photoacoustic applications. Let us help you with your mission in measurement.

Multi-physics design for sensors and actuators

Expertise, consultancy and service. We are industrial physicists. Read more

Smart materials

A range of Piezo products for high temperature devices and sensitive acoustic sensing. Read more

Photoacoustic spectroscopy

Art of coupled physics: The COPAC sensor platform, our core competence. Read more

Copenhagen Photonic-Acoustic Corporation

Photonic-Acoustic, Multi-physics and material supplier